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To anal Lyse , mother of charles
I was up all night analysing an analyse
by GIJOExRECOIL March 08, 2011
Girls with this not-ever-heard-of-name usually have issues with trust. For example, they will be your best friend for a while, and find a reason to ignore you for 2 months. Analyse's aren't very bright either, so when they think someone likes them (friend-wise) in reality, that person says terrible things behind her back all the time. And, most likely, it will all be true. Also, these girls aren't very attractive, maybe the only pretty thing about them is their eyes. They can only 'charm' the ugliest of men, the desperate ones. These girls think they can sing, but the sound that comes from their throats only manages to make ears bleed. These 'ladies' love to stir up drama, and break up friends, and relationships by planting lies and fake crying their eyes out to gain the person's trust. In a nutshell, these people are cruel, heartless, ugly, and conceited creatures.
by needyou14 January 21, 2012
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