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the single, most tedious waste of time ever because:

a] it barely counts for anything
b] it is stupidly long
c] you are alwaya given one night less than you need to do it
and d] if i was born one academic year later i wouldnt have to be not doing it now to write this defenition
i got my history coursework today, its due in two days

by willamundo February 06, 2008
not as good as christmas
jermaine easter, wycombe wanderers
by willamundo February 06, 2008
used not as a question but more as a statement as if to say "stop that now because you lok like someone who doesn't understand socially acceptable behaviour"

usually complimented with a sigh, a look to the floor/heavens and a shaking of the head
YOUR FRIEND eats a burger and spills 70% of his ketchup on and around his body

YOU say "What you doin?" and then walk off
by willamundo February 06, 2008

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