The most respectable american car. The Z06 can run a track only a few seconds longer than an F430. However, the Z06, built with balsa wood (a "revolutionary" material) as panels of all things, still weighs a ton compared to every other non-American sport car built with the same steel, aluminum, carbon fibre, etc. that every other car is made of. I'd still take one over a Viper or (God forbid it was one of the choices) any Mustang.
The Corvette Z06 also runs on a 505 HP, 7-litre engine while the F430 runs a 483 HP, 4.3-litre engine. Guarantee the F430'll last/perform much better than the Z06 with time of use anyway- you're getting Ferrari quality for that money. I mean, what kind of durability are you gonna get out of a car made with wood?
by Barcode711 May 05, 2007
Corvettes are actually good value for money, such as the Z06, but are not as easily modified as many of the imports. Unfortunately, the technology used in Corvettes is very old. The Corvette still runs on the GM Y-Body chassis, which has been used since the Vietnam war on less sporty models (Think Sedan). Leaf springs are STILL as the rear suspension. The only way Corvettes can get more power is to make the engine bigger. Even so, the giant 5.7L engine only produces 400HP for its size. Compare that with the Honda S2000's F20C which produces 250HP with only 2L. Even the Toyota 2JZ-GTE produces 320HP with 3L.

Yes, the Z06 does have 505HP, but the engine got even bigger, 7.0L to be exact.

Value for money? Yes, but it really isnt that good of a car. Straight line abilities are good, but the entire world is never going to be a complete straight. Turning abilities are needed for competitions, something Corvettes don't have. Top speed? Good, but what are the chances of someone in a vette flying down a highway at 150+ MPH?
Corvette Z06 owner: Yeah, I have 505HP.
Honda NSX owner: How big is your engine?
Corvette Z06 owner: Seven liters. My car lapped the 'ring at 7:42.9.
Skyline GT-R owner: Its too bad that mine did it in 7:35 with only 473HP.
by VirusHouse November 05, 2007
A popular V-8 sports car that will dominate most Japanese cars. By the way, Skylines cost so much because of importing them to the US. They're actual price is about 20-30 thousand.
That Corvette owns.
by dude June 17, 2004
one of the worst cars ever made
shitty body still and shitty engine
dude i just beat that shitty ass corvette with my svt cobra
by svtcobra1 September 18, 2007
GTS class champion/ 24 hour at Lemans champ 2 years piece of crap I have ever owned
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
See "mid-life crisis"
Your father bought a corvette.
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
The only car that's been on this earth for over 50 years, always V8, always fiber glass, always 2 seats, always 5.7L ( with 427, and sometimes 454 options, always fast, always beautiful, always reasonably priced, always the best!!
Teacher : If you could have any car, what would you have?

Boy 1 : A Ferarri!
Boy 2 : No way, Porshe!
Boy 3 : A Corvette
Boy 1 & 2 : Wait!, we would pick vettes too!
by John August 18, 2004

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