Hands down the most popular sports car ever built in America. Started as a limited run of 300 roadsters (all Polo White with red interior) in '53 and has since evolved into a world-class, Nurburgring-tested machine that can torch all competition in its price range.
"Take any sports car within twenty grand of the COrvette's sticker ($47K), and the Vette will flat smoke it. We think the Corvette may also prove a match for the upcoming $70,065 321-hp Porsche 911 and could very possibly outgun the $79,865 350-hp 911S. Oh, and don't betagainst the Vette's earning another 10Best spot."
--Car and DRiver Magazine, in their September 2004 road test of the new sixth-gen Corvette (C6)
by Scott Lanway October 14, 2004
Best car america has ever made, to bad thats not saying much. I don't understand why idiots on here are comparing an $85,000 race car to $2000 honda civic , thats like comparing the Z06 to a top fuel dragster in the 1/4th. I bet 90% of the people who are saying its the best car in the world are wannabe vette owners that will have to settle for a V6 camaro. The truth is most vette owners won't ever go over the speed limit because they are always 65+. It cracks me up when people say its the best bang for the buck when it runs low 12s stock. For $30,000 you can just buy a STi that runs high 12s stock and put $5000 into it and you could easily reach the 11's, also on the track the STi would give the Z06 a good run for its money do to AWD. All in all I have to admit its a nice car, just not the best car ever made. A true car enthusiast would chose a ferrari or any other european super car over a vette any day.
The corvette is a great car, not the best car ever made, but still a great car ( that would get shat on by any european car in any race )
by True car lover October 06, 2006
A tuner's dream, can handle supercharger turbo body kits aftermarket exhaust etc. But still comes out of the box with more horsepower than any rice burner and actually doesn't fuking break after second turn over. Hands down the fastest pussy wagons ever.
See me for video of +14O in my '92 Corvette.
by Sebastian B. July 07, 2004
A car General Motors quit making in 1967.

The current overly plastic turd marketed by GM as a Z06 Corvette can go over 190 mph. This is the main argument when owners and prospective owners bash other all other cars. Never mind the US speed limit is 70mph and these losers would crap on themselves at over 120. Their cars are driven no faster than a POS Chevy Malibu.

The best thing about not owning a Corvette is that they are a bigger cop magnet than an INDY car. Reason being they are not likely to pull over a Porsche 911 or Ferrari cause they don't know what the hell it is, although some cops mistake Ferrari for corvette cause it has round tail lights and must be a Curvette, Duh! So basically you have a car that a Jealous, idiot cop knows and can brag to his buddies, "I wrote a black covette for 59 in a 45. Really he was on doing 35." This is the main reason Corvettes and Vipers are seen in parade mode, 15 mph under the speed limit.

Corvette was a great car till the bean counters fired the styling department and started using cheaper materials.
by Harley Earl April 11, 2008
An over-rated sports car for insecure men who lack other qualities, and need a fancy car to get the girl, despite the reason a car's only purpose is to get from point a to point b.
Guy: Hey sexy, wanna hop in my corvette and I'll show you a good time?
Girl: Oh, sure! Even though you're old, the cavemen on geico put your face to shame, and you only have a 2 inch penis, sure! :)
by Jacob Doe October 13, 2007
A wanna be Ferrari
In a mid-life crisis, if I have a corvette, I failed. If I own a ferrari, I made it.
by CHAOS HIMSELF June 23, 2009
A car for white trash, hill billy, red neck dumbass to drive. One of the reasons the entire world thinks American's are retarded. It is made from plastic and put together with super glue and cardboard (actually able to be seen in the trunk and in the foot wells of the car.) A car with no quality and really nothing but an engine.
I could have gotten something with some class and that was actually engineered well but instead i got a corvette
by Lord William VI August 31, 2008

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