A car for white trash, hill billy, red neck dumbass to drive. One of the reasons the entire world thinks American's are retarded. It is made from plastic and put together with super glue and cardboard (actually able to be seen in the trunk and in the foot wells of the car.) A car with no quality and really nothing but an engine.
I could have gotten something with some class and that was actually engineered well but instead i got a corvette
by Lord William VI August 31, 2008
A car you buy when you can't afford a Viper/NSX/Ferrari. Built out of plywood, plastic and still has leaf springs. A car that is mass produced and has bottom of the line interior on all models. Perfect car for dumbass rednecks to rave about because it has alot of horse powers. Totally devoid of all exotica/ rarity/ interest/ head turning. Often referred to as the greatest car in the world, loved by people who know nothing at all about Ferraris and Lamborghini's, and think they are just performance cars. Corvette owners think its a good thing that their Chevy is extremely cheap.

Corvette will also get its doors blown off by a lightly tunned STI, EVO 9, Supra or Skyline GTR, in straight lines and in corners.
Redneck: "What is that a Acura NSX? My Corvette can smoke that JAP rice burner in the 1/4, buy american or go home, U.S.A, U.S.A!"

Intelligent car enthusiast: "I choose the NSX because is is all aluminum chassis that is extremely rigid, and handling was tuned by Arton Senna the famous F1 driver. The interior, quality, and reliability are excellent and I also love the exotic appeal and rarity. Car are so much more than numbers"

Redneck (confused): "Nah man, my uncles got a badass beat 88 commaro that will blow that things doors off, which makes it a better car because im a fucking idiot"

Intelligent person: *walks away*
by GTR4244 August 29, 2010
1. What people who like Chevy vehicles masturbate to.
2. What fast cars run off the road.
3. Nothing to show off, since anyone can buy one.
4. Poor man's dream sports car.
5. "The fastest car in the world" that has a top speed of 198mph..
1. Chevy owner - "OMG! It's a CORVETTE!" *pants come down..*

2. Fast Car owners -"Hahaha! Did you see how fast we passed that corvette!?"

3. Corvette owner - "Why do so many people have the same car as me?

Friend - "Because it's not expensive."

4. McDonalds employee - "Look at my new sports car. It's a corvette."

5. Corvette owner - "I thought this was the fastest car ever.. why does my speedometer only to go 200?"
by yuskjr May 22, 2009
A classic American sports car made since 1953 by the Chevrolet division of GM. Always two doors, always two seats, always popular and cool. Small block V8s since 55, IRS since 63, 4-wheel disc brakes since 65, fuel injection since 57 (and again in 82), and high performance since day one. Okay, so maybe the original I6 auto model wasn't too fast, but hey, what the hell.

Anyway, the Corvette (or 'Vette') is currently in its 6th generation bodystyle, and features a 6.0l (366ci) OHV V8 constructed from aluminum and featuring EFI, a large dual exhaust system, among other things. The suspension is fully independent and has thick sway bars at both ends. For brakes, big vented discs clamped by multi-piston calipers, along with standard 4-channel ABS. Transmission choices include the standard 6-speed manual (which gets the T-top 28mpg) or (new for 06) and 6-speed automatic. Performance is just great, with 60mph coming the under 4.5 seconds, and capable of reaching 186mph. .95g is normal for a C6, and the brakes can stop this car from near freeway speeds in 120ft. or less. All of this for a lil over $40k. Almost half the price of a new 911. And less than half the price of the poorly-performing Acura NSX (290hp for $90k, Jesus Christ!)
General Corvette Info:

C1: 1953-1962
C2: 1963-1967
C3: 1968-1982
C4: 1984-1996
C5: 1997-2004
C6: 2005-now

Top/bottom engine options-
C1: 360hp 327ci fuel-injected, 150hp I6 3x1-bbl carbs
C2: 435hp 427ci 3x2-bbl carbs, 250hp 327ci 1x4-bbl carb
C3: 435hp 427ci 3x2-bbl carbs, 155hp 350ci 1x4-bbl carb
C4: 405hp 350ci EFI, 205hp 350ci TBI
C5: 405hp 346ci EFI, 345hp 346ci EFI
C6: 505hp 428ci EFI, 400hp 366ci EFI

1953: 0-60 in ~11s, top speed ~110mph
1957: 0-60 in ~6s, top speed ~135mph
1967: 0-60 in ~5s, top speed ~150mph
1977: 0-60 in ~7s, top speed ~135mph
1996: 0-60 in ~5s, top speed ~170mph
2006: 0-60 in ~4s, top speed ~200mph

I have determined that the following facts are appropriate for the general public to view:

Horsepower per dollar-
Acura NSX: 290hp for $89k- $307hp/hp
C6 Corvette: 400hp for $44k- $110/hp
Dodge Viper: 510hp for $83k- $162/hp
Ferrari F430: 483hp for $182k- $377/hp

Just the facts- no bull.
by 123123123 February 25, 2006
A car designed to be a slow moving shit bucket that couldn't beat half the 4-dr cars on the road in the 50's,much less any real hot-rod.Later the engineers of the original shit bucket were taken out and shot,replaced with some more whores of satan who set out to create a 200 mph plastic penis prosthesis for old men and closet gay republicans "out cruising" for boys being pimped by NASCAR watching redneck stepdads who like to be called things like "Skeeter".Usually these pathetic excuses will waive the standard "son rammin fee" simply because the guy waving a few bucks at his trailer is in a Z06. He will exclaim at this point "OMGMAWMA!",as he jumps up his bean bag chair,throwing his mother/sister off his lap,"IT'S AFUCKINZ06!IT'S LIKE THE BUDWIESER OF CARS!I MIGHT BLOW THIS GUY MYSELF!".These old crones stood around at the golf course with the engineering team that made the neo-gen vettes, laughing about how much they have saved on their monthly child prostitution bills, the engineers decided that this was simply not enough. They could rebuild it, they could make it even worse!So they opened up an injection molding factory,got every single axle that the dana corporation was throwing out or using as shred stock for beer cans, they came up with a computer controlled fire hazard that barely moved and STILL can't beat my 41 chevy pickup that I built in my DRIVEWAY,and this is what you are now driving, shoulda dropped that 80g's on the ground and shit on it.
Every old slow driving, empty headed, old ass corvette owner that seems to gravitate toward Daytona Beach FL.
by 41roadstervetKILL October 27, 2010
Best american car out there, but gets owned by any german/british/italian sportsor supercars.
Guy 1: My corvette is better than your damn firebird.
Guy 2: Oh yeah?!
Guy 3: lol i just owned u in mah DB9!
by W35M4N June 16, 2007
A half-ass car owned by almost 1 in every 3 people in America. The most overrated piece of shit Chevrolet makes. Has a V-8 so its owners think its sweet. Handling is shit, reliability over 50,000 miles is non-existant.

Your car can go fast in straight lines. Cool.

I actually like to drive, not go to the grocery store and see how many hondas I can burn that aren't even trying to race.

get a life, get a real car.
Unsuspecting Corvette Owner- "wow look at that pussy in that BMW"

BMW owner- "Hold on one second"
*smokes corvette with twin turboed Inline Six (stock)*

Corvette owner- "FUCK I'm so gay. Corvettes are so predictable. I wish I wouldn't have bought a car that you see every 5 minutes and can only go fast in straight lines. FUCK"
by Bavauto September 30, 2009

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