A car that owns imports
Damn, all those people typing this shit dont know anything because all the 1/4 times are slower then the vettes, damn im gay
by cash money July 25, 2003
Probably the best sports car for the money you'll ever find, especially the newer C06 and ZR1. Easily destroy any other car in their price range, and even compete with some exotic super cars three times its price.

The vette has been and will always be an American icon, it turns heads no matter what year and model. From the 1950s to 2010, the corvette is a legendary vehicle that eats the competition.

It has that sleek, sportscar look, but also has the big definitive American V8 engine powering it, and with exhaust modifications, can even have the classic musclecar sound. You know when you have to buy a half million dollar Italian supercar to compete with this beast that it kicks some serious ass.

Ricers like to race mustangs because they know that sometimes a mustang is crappy and they might have a chance at beating it, but no ricer would ever think to challenge a vette, the new vettes destroy the Skyline and any other Japanese import.

The corvette is a force to be reckoned with, and even if you consider yourself a Ford or Dodge loyalist, every car enthusiast no matter the loyalties should own at least one corvette in their lifetime, it's in a whole other league and you need to feel that power sitting behind the wheel of one of these cars.
Shit I riced up my civic but got humiliated by yet another corvette on the freeway.
by VetteKing March 06, 2010
Man's gift to himself, the best car America has ever produced and yes it is 500 times better than the Mustang will ever be.
Wow! Is the a Corvette? Yeah it is, it's 500 times better than the Mustang no matter what that Japanese guy's girlfriend says!
by The Nate March 07, 2008
The Ultimate road And Track Car. the LT3 Beats the Hell out of all those Ricers and Other Domestics, the Z06 Kills most of European Cars,the ZR1 Slayed the New Skyline and the Ferrari F430, and Saleen S7, and The C6RS Killed The enzo and can leave any European, japanese,or American car lookin like they were standing still. it especially beat the Aston Martins,in Particular the DB9 And DBR9
and most importantly, they are affordable compared to other supercars,with the base model starting around 40K.
Damn, that rich Kid in his Viper Thought he could beat that corvette C6,but the C6 ended up having to wait for him at the finish line!!
by Zr1 August 16, 2008
Compensation for a small penis or erectile difficulties.
As soon as I found that I would be basically dickless for the rest of my life, I started saving for a corvette.
by import June 04, 2005
An ugly cheaply-made car chevy puts out. Basically a tin can. Crumbles in any accident because only asses drive them anyway. Has an abnormally big ugly ass end.
jess: my eclipse totally took that corvette today.
corey: yeah, i saw it's ass end fly into a telephone pole because it couldn't handle that turn and then it crumbled like a tin can.
by 5ubliminal January 11, 2006
pretty much owned by all easily modded and EXCESSIVELY cheaper imports. also known as the piece of shit american excuse for a sports car.
guy 1: hey you wanna go to the movies? i've got my dads corvette for the night?

guy 2: fuck that. i ain't pushin' no car 6 miles.
by jabba February 23, 2005

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