One who is acting silly or stupid because he or she is under the influence of sugar, drugs, or alcohol.
Hannah: What's wrong with Ian? Why's he running around with his shirt over head like that?
Shiro: Uh, well, he just ate a pound of rock candy and drank a bottle of cold medicine.
Hannh: Well, get cornholio in the house before he hurts himself!
#high #wired #trashed #wasted #crazy
by Happy Noodle Blacker August 23, 2006
Beavis being a dumbass. when he drinks or eats sugary things he turns into cornholio. he is the ruler of nicaragua.
i would not want my bungholio to get polio!
by iaintgay October 15, 2003
Alter-ego of Mexican President Vicente Fox. He often speaks through this personage when he needs to feel superior. Which is rather difficult, especially when your citizenry are willing to risk their lives in order to leave the country you're leading.
Once said by El Presidente Fox as the star of one of Tiajuana's infamous donkey-shows "You have awakened my bunghole!"
by Lord Heavyhandz July 05, 2005
slang word used in Beavis and Butthead for sex up the butt.
Timmy was gonna have cornholio with his gf.
#sex #having sex #asshole #butthole #meathead
by lilburkey April 02, 2006
a fucking moron who is constipated and puts his fucking piece of shit shirt over his fucking head.
I am Cornholio, a fucking moron, and i put my piece of shit shirt over my fucking head.
#tp #bunghole #beavis #butt-head #nachos
by Beavis October 04, 2005
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