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Awsome guy. Fun, Musicly talented and one of the nicest persons ever.
That guy is really nice.

Oh his name is Vicente
by thatonerandomgirl August 21, 2009
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A really nice guy who will do anything for his friends. He doesn't like it when you're mad at him, but he has thick skin. He is smart and really funny. He makes you feel good on your worst days, either cracking a joke or telling you how great you are. Lots of girls tend to like him, but he's never unfaithful. He's very musically talented and isn't the sporty type. All in all, if you are close to a Vicente, or are in a relationship with one, keep him close because he'll be there when you need him and even when you don't.
Girl 1: Guuurrrrrl. I hate Vicente!
Girl 2: How could you hate him?!? He's AWESOME.

Vicente: Das right, I am. You're cool, girl 2 ;)
by Musicality.Isa January 13, 2015
meanie bobeanie;p
that guy is a vicente:p
by cheyenneislame April 30, 2009

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