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A mispronunciation of the word "ask." Commonly used by African-American's.
Black guy: Yo G Homie! Get ova herr! I gotta aks you a question!
by Beavis December 21, 2004
Medicine or therapy that doesn't work.
Most of the shit sold at health food stores are snake oil products.
by beavis March 22, 2003
spontaneous boner; an unexpected or unwanted erection of the penis
I was sittin' in church, and I got this sponer that wouldn't go down
by Beavis January 19, 2004
a big fucking queer who lives in hamilton, ohio
fat-e, suck my dick you faggot
by beavis March 17, 2003
Derogatory term for a gay man. Pinches peckers with his sphincter muscle.
Man, that George is a real pecker pincher.
by Beavis May 17, 2003
a band consisting of 8 members. They play metal mixed with industrial kinda like Marilyn Manson
Slipknot copied Mushroomhead's mask look
by BEAVIS August 03, 2004
a really gay kid who goes to episcopal and blows at baseball. He tries to talk shit to pat mullen and doesn't reallizied he would get fucked up. he looks like Beavis with acne.
Yo look at Klu Klux Kliff, what a faget
by beavis March 21, 2005

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