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Used to replace the word shit when you are trying not to curse.
That's a bunch of corn. You are so full of corn. Holy Corn! That's bull corn! I've got corn in my corn.
by urbankm April 08, 2007
7 12
money, cash, dollars, etc
geezer 1: You out tonight?
geezer 2: Nah man, I ay got no corn.
by toastface July 29, 2005
9 15
Shortened version of the term "cornhole" - used primarily in the US Rocky Mountain states.
"Girl, you've got such a nice booty - I'd love ta corn ya!"
by buffalo patty December 19, 2004
9 15
referring to a situation that is no good at all.
as in, "OMFG, being punched in the face is corn!"
by captain ivysaur September 12, 2003
20 26
adj; confused or surprised
Dude, you looked corn when the alligator ate your shoe.
by candaaaaay November 08, 2006
1 8
Snake; n.

A north American colubrid snake often referred to as the Red Rat Snake, found commonly along the SE seaboard of the United States. It grows to approximately 4 feet long and has red or burgundy blotch markings on a gray to brown to orange to orange-red background colour. The belly markings of this snake often resemble the patterns found on indian corn. This is where this animal has believed to acquired it's name.
I caught a corn snake just the other day, I found it in the local barn when we were checking the feed stock.
by definoboy May 19, 2004
4 11
The vegetable that can be eaten twice, maybe even three times if you are lucky
I some corn tuesday for lunch, then I ate it again wednesday morning when I saw it again
by Amir May 19, 2004
30 37