Snake; n.

A north American colubrid snake often referred to as the Red Rat Snake, found commonly along the SE seaboard of the United States. It grows to approximately 4 feet long and has red or burgundy blotch markings on a gray to brown to orange to orange-red background colour. The belly markings of this snake often resemble the patterns found on indian corn. This is where this animal has believed to acquired it's name.
I caught a corn snake just the other day, I found it in the local barn when we were checking the feed stock.
by definoboy May 19, 2004
Used to replace the word shit when you are trying not to curse.
That's a bunch of corn. You are so full of corn. Holy Corn! That's bull corn! I've got corn in my corn.
by urbankm April 08, 2007
money, cash, dollars, etc
geezer 1: You out tonight?
geezer 2: Nah man, I ay got no corn.
by toastface July 29, 2005
Shortened version of the term "cornhole" - used primarily in the US Rocky Mountain states.
"Girl, you've got such a nice booty - I'd love ta corn ya!"
by buffalo patty December 19, 2004
referring to a situation that is no good at all.
as in, "OMFG, being punched in the face is corn!"
by captain ivysaur September 12, 2003
A term refering to a woman is so attractive, so utterly jaw-droppingly gorgeous, that if she asked you to you would gladly eat the corn out of her shit.
A: Dude, Janet Reno is CORN.

B: Dude. What the fuck.
by Greg August 12, 2003
adj; confused or surprised
Dude, you looked corn when the alligator ate your shoe.
by candaaaaay November 08, 2006

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