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Wet flatulence, or the mark thereof in one's underwear. Unexpectedly or accidentally emitting liquid or solids with the gas. (Similar to skidmark, which may also relate to poor wiping technique.)
Dad: <wet farting sound> "Uh oh."
Joe: "Did you get any on you?"
Dad: "Yes, I believe I may have blotched."
by Joe Bone April 11, 2005
A combination of blood and crotch equals BLOTCH!
Typically utilized in online FPS shooters to bloody ones crotch by repeatedly shooting their crotch until it bleeds.
OMG! Did you see Amy's pants, it had one hell of a nasty blotch stain!
After little Timmy beat him down, he followed it up with a humiliating blotch!
by Swap-Meet-Louie July 20, 2009
Someone with blond pubic hair
EXAMPLE- Paris Hilton is a stinky hoe blotch!
by CLANK106 March 09, 2010
Prominent discoloration on the glans of the penis. Often occurs due to sunburn, skin cancer, lipstick or a sexually transmitted disease.
Doctor: "Gus, that blotch on your penis is due to a bad case of herpes. Rub this ointment in, and you will feel better".
by Googles September 18, 2004
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