Top Definition
To Cop something is to get something.
If your copping keys then your getting keys.
Yo he out copping some green.
by Ian Rosean AKA Young E May 19, 2006
to take without permission, steal
i copped my sister's jacket
by rachael April 18, 2005
Buying or otherwise acquiring drugs.
"I've been copping smack here for years.."

etc.. ;)
by your mom on a stick February 17, 2009
word used to describe someone who goes above and beyond the definition of an absolute and total slut. infact the word copping is just a category of whore all in its own.
for example, there is the kind of whore who will suck your dick in a packed movie theatre while everyone watches. and then there is a copping
by CHATED June 03, 2009
amazing or the best at something you do
I am coping with me being so copping!
by tgoodie March 24, 2009
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