- A shorter version of the word cooter, which basically means vagina. "coot" is less crass-sounding than "cooter". It is probably most similar in connotation to the word twat when referencing a vagina, as opposed to pussy, which has a more sexual connotation and snatch which sounds pretty crass.

- More commonly a "coot" is an older, usually male person, and generally refers to a perceived diminished capacity, uncouthness or senility. Typically said "old coot".
She's got a pretty ugly coot for a pornstar.

That old coot hanging out on his porch all day is always yelling at the kids for no reason.
#vagina #twat #cooter #pussy #snatch #cunt #vajayjay #puss #puss puss #vag #vaj #old
by Laqueshus June 05, 2009
A coot is vile person, or can be a synonym for another fowl, a gamecock. It is especially related to sports teams with that name and their fans.
The coots lost the football game.

Jorts, or jean shorts, are a staple in the wardrobe of a coot.

The coot said the SEC's worst team was better than any other conference's best. Therefore, the coots are the champions of the other conferences.
#gamecock #cock #cooterville #cootlumbia #coot logic
by bb3_rm26 December 30, 2011
An adjective used to describe anyone or anything too cool to be just cool. Only to be used in the most extraordinary of situations. Consequently, any misuse of this term results in immediate banishment from the society the abuser had come to know and to love.
Person 1: You know that Person 4?
Person 2: Yeah, he's a pretty cool guy.
Person 3 (ambling into conversation randomly): He's more than just cool, he's coot!
Persons 1 and 2 (in perfect unison, shocked): Gasp! You're right!
#incredicool #awesome #fantastic #the shit #astounding
by The Infinitely Prolonged July 27, 2010
Another word for cute. A cuter way of saying cute. Usually used among couples and best friends.
Jenny is so coot.
We are so coot.
Don't they look like a coot couple?
#cute #hot #adorable #pretty #sexy #ugly #repulsive #unattractive #vile #ghastly #cewt #cuet #cije #cwewt #jdijet
by The deadly mango (eden) April 02, 2014
Someone incredibly stupid or that has done something really foolish.
Friend: Yeah, i fell down those stairs because i didn't tie my shoe laces.
Other: Man, you're such a coots!
#stupid #silly #foolish #laughable #loser
by Zen march January 24, 2012
a meanie name for ickypoo old men
look at those hairs in his ears! he's an old coot!
by minderella January 09, 2005
When something is too cute to say cute.
My girlfriend is so coot.
#cute #sexy #awesome #adorable #handsome
by somenamehere January 08, 2009
also cooter cooty
"Can I slap your coot?"
by Cooty Clinty November 10, 2003
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