1. noun Singular of "cooties"

2. adj Yucky, gross.
1. Ew, a coot!

2. Matthew is so coot.
by WafflesTheDragon December 07, 2009
Phenomenon in Halo videogames that occurs when someone, likely a noob (rookie), chooses to stick another player with a plasma grenade in close quarters rather than proceed into a firefight, thereby killing both players in the process.
You just got cootsed by CaptainCooter.
by lukers stukers May 25, 2008
An informal manner in which to express "farewell" (The formal manner being "toodles and cooters").

n. A rapid succession of gaseous vaginal explosions.
Well it's time for me to change my sanitary napkin, coots!

Man, did you smell Lulu's coots? That bitch is nasty!
by Prima B. Goode July 04, 2004
a hot guy. the male equivelent of biddy.
girl, there were MAD coots at that party last night
by hey girl hey alli b August 22, 2008
Another way to say cute, mostly used in IRC and Role Play.
1> *pounces* Hiya
2> *Rubs his paw down his cheek* Hi ^^
1> *noses up and smiles, taking the paw on his mouth and playfully nibbles*
3> omg coot ^^
by Ruakuu March 20, 2005
A slang word describing a woman's vagina. Or short for cootchie, coochieor cooter.
Eeah, these jeans are cutting my coot, girl.
by Sylvia (lala-blaq) April 27, 2004
the female libia major
dude it got in the coots
by bazadillion March 31, 2005
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