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A phrase commonly used when under the influence and lacking in Swisher Sweets.
Hey Kraig, how many Swishers deep are you?
by unclekrackalacka October 09, 2010
The act of being loud, obnoxious, and incredibly awkward in times when there is no need to
Often accompanied with a loud speaking voice
Bro, you need to stop Cooping so hard. Take it down a notch.
I tried to tell Brett what happened last night but Perry came in and started Cooping.
by unclekrackalacka November 03, 2010
Hoes Be Wack An exceptional group of male friends committed to the well being of each other, keeping them from the harm of women and their drama-related problems
I wish I was in HB DUBZ so I could get away from my girlfriend's constant bitching
by unclekrackalacka August 03, 2010

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