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A dare game wherein a person issues an outrageous dare to another person, the recipient of the dare must say 1 out of a certain number, demonstrating the likelihood that they will perform the dare. A third party counts the other two people down from 3: i.e. 1,2,3. After the countdown, the darer and the daree must say a number through 1 and the certain number (if they said 1-15, it would have to be a number between that). If both participants say the same number, then the daree must perform the dare.
Rufo Barbas: Odds are you only wear boxers to work tomorrow.

Bob: Okay, 1 out of 30.

Jésus: 3,2,1.
Rufo Barbas and Bob: 24!
Bob: Damn't!
by rapscallion, hip hop onion November 11, 2013
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