meaning oh that's sweet
or slang for nice. cool, good stuff etc. etc.
oh thats an nice cell phone,,
cool beans.
by hoku April 12, 2006
Hee hee hee. :D...:(. "Cool Beans" is an expression meaning something is cool, awesome, or tight (not tight like very small, but cool). It's also what my really really mean science teacher in 6th used to say when everything was ready to roll (another expression meaning everything was done and you could get started). Everyone in the class was just bewildered/wanted to laugh when she said it.
1.) Whoa! Cool Beans!!! I love that idea!!

2.)"Cool Beans!" the science teacher said, "we can now get started. Turn your book to page 124."

*As the students are turning to pg. 124, some mutter among themselves....*

Student A: "Cool Beans? COOL BEANS?!?!? What the heck is that?!!?! It's sooo stupid!!!"
Student B: "Yeah, really! That IS stupid! I can't wait 'til we get outta this class..."

*Both students look at clock... So much time...time...time...*

Student A: "Pfft. Nether can I!"

*Teacher starts lesson.... and the students wait.... and wait.... and wait...*
by Elizabeth September 04, 2004
A phrase popularized in the 1980s by U.S. teenage females who were viewers of the American sitcom "Full House." For some yet unknown reason, these persons found the show entertaining and desired to emulate actress Candance Cameron whose character repeated the phrase incessantly on the show.

The phrase then spread like a virus, infecting the vernacular of people of older and younger generations regardless of gender...these people were born without the ability to discern that this phrase was, to put it in the parlance of our current times, "f**king stupid."

Is used to express approval or liking.
Person A: "Hey, its TGIF on ABC tonight! Wanna watch 'Full House?'"

Person B: "Cool beans!"
by SayAgain November 07, 2007
Beans that are cool.
Dude last night i ate some WICKED cool beans.
by Chaquita and Taquito October 21, 2007
a terminology of the word cool, the ultimate synonym of cool
james: that is some nice stuff
leigh: no that is some coolbeans
matt: that is very coolbeans
by James. H November 19, 2006
The first of a series of unnecessary and over-used catch-phrases when something happens to one's liking. The list goes as follows: Cool beans! Hot ice! Stolen diamonds! Pistol-packin' granny! Sinister Minister!

The "c" can also be stuttered to enhance the effect.
C-c-c-c-c-cool beans!
by Number J May 31, 2005
WWII-era version of "cool". Used as an indication of agreement or liking.
"Cool beans!"
by Dave January 15, 2004

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