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Beans that are cool.
Dude last night i ate some WICKED cool beans.
by Chaquita and Taquito October 21, 2007
a terminology of the word cool, the ultimate synonym of cool
james: that is some nice stuff
leigh: no that is some coolbeans
matt: that is very coolbeans
by James. H November 19, 2006
The first of a series of unnecessary and over-used catch-phrases when something happens to one's liking. The list goes as follows: Cool beans! Hot ice! Stolen diamonds! Pistol-packin' granny! Sinister Minister!

The "c" can also be stuttered to enhance the effect.
by Number J May 31, 2005
WWII-era version of "cool". Used as an indication of agreement or liking.
"Cool beans!"
by Dave January 15, 2004
Slang term featured in the movie JUNO, but originated in Canada.
Jake: I got us tickets for the midnight show!

Gwen: Cool Beans!
by Gabba J March 02, 2009
A sweet ass song from the new movie "Hot Rod", also meaning cool, nice, awesome, etc.
Andy Samberg: "Cool beans?" Jorma Taccone "Cool beans."
by Greg Roberts August 09, 2007
An interjection used to express contentness. A less enthusiastic version of "Hooray".
When Sally learned she was having macaroni and cheese for dinner, her response was "cool beans".
by Jeffrey Bryan September 14, 2006