A saying used as a dismissive response to an otherwise uninteresting statement. It used to smooth over a conversation when you don't really care about what the other person has said.

It is also used by Creed Bratton of The Office.
Douche bag: Hey man, I totally hooked up with that chick on saturday.

Unimpressed listener: Cool beans
by Freaking Tommy Noble January 18, 2011
a word meaning an exclamation or an approval like 'rad' or 'awesome'
Ethel: "i just scored tickets to the Mindless Self Indulgence concert!"
Fred: "Cool beans!"

by Dolly Parton Jr. December 26, 2008
A common saying that is used by many different ages.

Usually used when something good has been revealed lr discovered.
Actual reserach reveals that Jyri Howie invented the saying.
"Hey Joe, I just won the lottery!"

"Cool beans man!"
by Mr.Howie January 04, 2015
instead of saying wow
person a :ohh i`m on embarasing bodies......
person b : ohh why ????
person a :i grew a beard .....and i am a girl

person b : cool-beans ......
by bumchum number 2 :) February 27, 2011
What you say when

~you find something to be cool, wicked, or awesome.
~if you just don't feel like giving a clear response.
Mark: Hey Jimmy look at my new toy dinosaur!
You: Cool beans!

Sally:...and then I ate some meat and then I rode a pony and then the pony ate my dollar so I had to kick it then it threw it back up and then I was happy!
You: cool beans....(whatever.)
by XpreppyXsceneXkidX...hahajk January 02, 2010
only like like the coolest phrase in the world!!! you can say it anytime, to anything that is cool, fun, or sweet
I ate some pie.
<cool beans>
by anon-o-mouse February 03, 2011
When the the phrase "cool beans" is said, it usually means "cool" but its even cooler to add the beans. Also said when one is telling a story and when is done you don't really care so you just say "cool beans"
kid 1: "YA then we went swimming"

YOU: "Cool beans."


kid 1: "you know what sucks?"
YOU: "what?"
kid 1: "my gf dumped me"
YOU: "cool beans."
(a way to lose a friend quickly)
by AGIRLWHOLIVED December 20, 2010

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