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A forceful lap dance that pushes out the most stubborn of turtle-head.
"This celery tastes good now, but I know I'll be looking for a lapham later."
by Crapatoa November 07, 2011
Penis, schlong, dong. You get the point.
Suzy waited anxiously on the bed.
Jimmy vaulted into the bedroom, his lapham covered with whipcream and a cherry.
by Nicky J. September 26, 2007
>Feeds on pies
>Hangs around with Formans
>Looks similar to the inside of an international rugby player's jock strap
>Is about equal in intelligence level to a pebble
>Favourite phrases include 'PGR' & 'PH'.
1: Fuck me! That person looks like a Buffalo's arse.
2: It's a Lapham!
1: Oh, that explains it.
2: Mmmm.
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005
The male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates and usu. of urination in mammals
I was playing with my lap ham.
by Sir Vesa December 29, 2004
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