Awesome, surprising, funny, out-of-the-blue. Often relating to an act of supreme thoughtfulness or creativity, or to a situation that's just generally groovy.
Sam's internet surprises always make me smile; he really knows what's cool beans around here.
by Robinharryandnotthefalcon May 26, 2013
A dish best served with awesomesauce and lightly simmered. When served together, the ultimate mix of breathtaking, amazing, and awesome. Delicious.

Served without, coolbeans is a synonym for cool.
Person 1: Dude, read this Urban Dictionary post!

Person 2: That was totally coolbeans.
by ThisisNotYou October 24, 2010
Although known to say something amazing and cool it can also be put in sarcasm use.
Hey I hooked up with your ex last night!!

Cool Beans COOOLLL
by zombieblazer September 17, 2010
It is originally from Boston, when the baked beans that had just come out of the oven were cool enough to eat, the cook would announce, “Cool Beans.” It became more popular recently as a result of a Bush Beans commercial in the mid 80s, when the talking dog, Duke, said it in one of their commercials.
Mike: I got the new madden game.

Joe: Cool beans
by slimshady7 October 16, 2009
Substitute for words such as sweeeeet
"What are you doing?" "Nothing." "Cool beans!"
by Laurencarakelsi February 07, 2003
An expression stating something or someone is cool, or good.
"We are just sooo Cool Beans"

Person A: "Let's go to the movies"
Person B: "Cool Beans, sounds good"
by maddy_4evs January 13, 2011
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