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Stands for Be Back Later
means brb ( Be Right Back) only BBL means you will be gone longer. USed In chat rooms and Instant Messaging.
fred: Hey whats up!
annie: bbl, Got to go eat dinner
by Sliverxx45 September 04, 2006
It Stands For Just Wondering. it can also be jw.
Mostly used for Chatting or Instant Messaging or Email.
Punkxx23: What are you doing Saturday?
cutieWitaBottie: nothing. why?
Punkxx23: j/w
by Sliverxx45 September 04, 2006
a old word that means cool. People use it for humor or just to have fun.
bob: I got an A+ on my math Test
Grace: Cool Beans!!
by Sliverxx45 September 04, 2006
It stand for Jesus OF Suburbia. A song sung by Green Day on the album American Idiot.
1:have u heard JOS
2: yeah! i love that song
1:me 2
by Sliverxx45 September 04, 2006

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