When something is totally awesome!
Person 1: Hey Genevieve! I made you garlic bread and baked ziti for dinner tonight!
Person 2: Wow! Cool beans!!!!
by Nat73MD November 06, 2015
A saying used as a dismissive response to an otherwise uninteresting statement. It used to smooth over a conversation when you don't really care about what the other person has said.

It is also used by Creed Bratton of The Office.
Douche bag: Hey man, I totally hooked up with that chick on saturday.

Unimpressed listener: Cool beans
by Freaking Tommy Noble January 18, 2011
This is another term meaning "cool" used to show appreciation for something. It can be used liberally in most phrases and is considered more fun and exciting than it's simpler counterpart, when used in conversation.
1. "I'm going to come out tonight and have a drink with you."

"Cool Beans! See you soon."

2. "What do you think of my new coat!"

"It's Cool Beans. I like it!"
by Aredhel January 24, 2013
an older way of saying cool.
"Want to come to the movies with me, Shannon, and Eric tonight?"

"Yeah, cool beans"
by shannon rebecca January 26, 2008
A common saying that is used by many different ages.

Usually used when something good has been revealed lr discovered.
Actual reserach reveals that Jyri Howie invented the saying.
"Hey Joe, I just won the lottery!"

"Cool beans man!"
by Mr.Howie January 04, 2015
only like like the coolest phrase in the world!!! you can say it anytime, to anything that is cool, fun, or sweet
I ate some pie.
<cool beans>
by anon-o-mouse February 03, 2011
A word that people use when they don't wanna seem all gangster by just saying "cool" so they try to be cute by saying cool beans and raising their eyebrows. It really works with the cute factor!
Did you hear that Josh is dating Dana and they are like so cute together!!

Ummmm...cool beans!
by Pink Babe! January 07, 2011
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