when you are cool, you don't need to be told you're cool cos that makes it lame. however, if no one tells you then how would you know? thinking you're cool makes you uncool. not thinking you're cool when you are makes you ignorant. when you don't care about what others think of you and you're okay with who other people are, you're cool. there is a fine line between COOL and GAY and TRYHARD WANNABE. when you're not hyper/annoying, and people like you, you're cool. rambling on like this is not cool.
1. homer simpson is cool!
2. lameness is not cool
3. a half melted ice cube is cool
4. being indifferent is cool
5. typos a ren ot cool
6. gay is cool
7. school is not cool
5. jigging is boring.
9. whups. wrong number. DRUGS ARE NOT COOL
10. boring is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by gay October 13, 2004
Cocky Overweight Overconfident Loser
That gangster is a C.O.O.L.
by j-rob mad fresh April 11, 2010
socially acceptable by modern culture; "neat"
Pantaloons are not cool.
by microvon August 08, 2003
a simplified way of telling someone to shut the fuck up because you don't give a shit.
"lolz hey! it's me! i'm not morbidly obese anymore!"

by Alex Lee March 02, 2005
The only word that doesn't go out of style.
Cool will probably never go out of style.
by Adrian April 30, 2007
what you probably aren't if you're looking up "cool" in the dictionary.
"dude, its pretty cold outside"
"... cool"
by mofuckinpimp November 11, 2007
Bunk Beds
Bowties are cool!
Fezes are cool.
Stetsons are cool.
Bunk Beds are cool, a bed, with a ladder!
by MattSmithisCool July 20, 2011
Cool, originating from chill as in chilling out

Now used in many ways:

Cool - Agreement
Cool - Impressive
Cool - State of being
Cool - Type of person's popularity
Cool - Agreement:
"You go this way and i'll head round the back... yeah?"
"Cool, yeah..."

Cool - Impressive:
"Wow that show was pretty cool"

Cool - State of being:
"How you feeling? Any better?"
"yeah I'm cool, dont worry."

Cool - Type of person's popularity:

"Hey theres those cool kids going for a smoke"
by Ben A Jones July 03, 2006

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