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Cookie - A person who believes that he/she is very different to others. Someone who thinks they are individual - saying things out of the blue in a random way. There is an ever increasing amount of these people, usually developing from the equally sad and lifeless 'emo sub culture'.
"Oooooooeer, my blission.....it was stolen by those hobo pirates, damn those groovy atronaughts. Pirates from alaska are here oooooer, im being attacked by a super giant daddy-longlegs" < something a 'cookie' would say
by Cook the cookies December 04, 2005
A very disturbing game invented by an all-boys private school which cannot be named due to privacy purposes.

The game involves a group of students, usually friends, forming a circle around a cookie which was previously placed on the floor. The participants then proceed to masturbate over the cookie until they all cum on it. The last, very unfortunate participant to cum on the cookie has to then eat it, after he finally cums on it, of course.

On the odd occasion one of the weaker students is forced to be the cookie. It is still unknown as to what happens to the participant who loses in this special version of Cookie, because he obviously can't eat another student... Can he?

Kevin - Hey Greg, want another game of Cookie tonight?

Greg - No way man, I'm not losing again.

Kevin - That's what you said last time.


Peter - Hey Jack, want another game of Cookie tonight?

Jack - Yeah man, we should make that little wiener kid Oliver the cookie.

Peter - I'll go get the chloroform.
by Damoncorp September 06, 2009
A codeword for illicit ciggerettes in schools, boarding houses etc.
Anna: Oh no, I'm out of cookies!

Tyron: (in front of someone in a position of authority) Wanna quickly head out for a cheeky cookie?
by Bants... May 26, 2009
a chick's vag
She had a hot cookie in those panties.
by max the horn April 04, 2009
A strange 17 year old, ailling from New Jersey. He plays the trombone and the tuba. He dances very well and is in the marching band. He loves monkeys, board games and fuzzy blankets.

He is gifted in math but doesn't do words.
He is also a safari master and the current dancing queen.

He is also known as cocoapuff, kiki, puddles, Nick, cheezi, safari master, tree hugger, and many other unrelated nicknames.
Look at Cookie dance!

Cookie is the strangest cat at CHS.

Cookie smells like beef.
by Stinktoe January 02, 2008
code for smoking pot
want to go get cookied?

i am so cookied.
by cookied monster August 12, 2011
This is a term used for a game where 2+ players jack off around a cookie, all of them cum on it and the last one has to eat it all.
The little boyz where playing the cookie, so the looser started the fight.
by Tookie99 February 15, 2011
1) a way to bribe people on forums and chats(watch the example)

2) the thing that santa steals from your house(also with milk)

3) a tasty baked snack that has alot of tastes and shapes

1)A] Dart Vader: "JOIN THE DARK SIDE!!! we have cookies"
1)B] Judge Trudy: "if u will tell you killed her, ill give you a cookie!"

2)President Bush: "DAD!!! SANTA STOLE THE COOKIES I LEFT!!! TIME TO START A WAR AGAINST THE NORTH POLE!!!" (no offensing to bush, he isnt a mean person, here george, take a cookie :-) )

3) Advertiser guy: its nice, its tasty, its smiley, its OREO'S!
by AlonFrancis April 17, 2007