noun, verb.
Cook, 1.) A largish wookie with the capability to speak/own.
2.) A large, hairy bearlike creature with a hobby of 'puttin' the hurt' on smaller creatures of similar features.
Cook,3.) To kill, wrestle, shove crayons up one's nose.
1.) Look at that Cook! Is he our Science teacher?!
2.) Hayden, you shouldn't use that sorta language. You will seriously get yourself Cook'd.
by darthhomie May 08, 2008
1. Cool (see "pwn" etymology)
2. Cook
I'll see you at 7.
All right, cook.
by Xel'Khannaga April 13, 2007
A miscalculation or incorrect analysis in a chess problem
When Fine's openings Bible was plugged into Fritz 8 many cooks were discovered as few as 3 folds deep.
by Rahul Yukich February 11, 2006
another word for chouette
that shirt is so cook!
by Jesus November 07, 2003
a word to express annoyance
*shot in head on counter-strike* cook
by rodney March 06, 2005
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