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The act of hanging around, chillin, relaxing, (chil-axin) etc.
We cooched in the park for a bit init.
by Jef. September 26, 2006
A vagina. This is where a penis would normally be inserted (although there are other points of insertion). In other cases, it is where a woman inserts her vibrator, or where someone inserts their tongue, or fingers, etc. Lots of things can go up there, but they're all working towards the same goal.
A.K.A---Bearded Clam(my personal favorite), Taco, pussy, cunt (just to name a few).
"I want you in my cooch!"
by Miso Orney July 07, 2005
That very special place on a woman that men spend their lives striving to visit over and over and over again.
After a very sandy volleyball game, Mary Beth rushed home to clean her cooch, in the event that a gentleman caller would be visiting that area in the evening.
by beaverhunter September 14, 2005
The golden-pot at the end of the painful asskissing rainbow. The black box, or in laimens terms: the vagina
That Dutch transfer student is wearing her pants so low, I could see her cooch.
by Paccali January 15, 2003
A scottish couch ie a couch from Scotland
Ach noo i need a wee sit doown on the cooch!
by Bishkan101 November 28, 2006
Another word for a female's vagina. Men seem to spend their lives wanting cooch.
Poonam hurried home to clean her dirty cooch so she wouldn't get a yeast infection.
by Llama Dunn May 08, 2009
The self-described nickname for failed 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial candidate and GOP nominee, Ken Cuccinelli. Ironically, it is also the nickname of the part of the female anatomy that Cuccinelli's party desires to regulate and limit women's freedom of.
Despite a massive amount of spending, in the end, voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia just couldn't swallow the Cooch.
by Cashman73 November 06, 2013