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The golden-pot at the end of the painful asskissing rainbow. The black box, or in laimens terms: the vagina
That Dutch transfer student is wearing her pants so low, I could see her cooch.
by Paccali January 15, 2003
An era of free sex, and drugs
Welcome to the sixties
by Paccali November 11, 2002
When, after oral sex, a man pulls his penis out of the woman's face, and proceeds to smack it across the woman's cheeks. Used mostly as a finishing move. Not to be confused with turkeyslapping, which is just a smack in the face with a penis, not necessarily to a woman who is giving oral sex, or even someone who wants to be near the penis.
That girl actually asked me to danza slap her, but I told her that I don't do that to my sister.
by Paccali November 14, 2002
A sexual encounter INCLUDING yourself and two others, not four total people as the moron first thought.
That kid thinks that if you take 1. himself, 2. The person he's talking to, 3. his girlfriend, and 4. that person's sister, and add it up, that makes three...nope... a threesome takes only three people, four and more makes an orgy, you huge dumbass.
by Paccali November 12, 2002
The action of examining porn, and proceeding to spin one's penis around, in a circular path, with enough velocity to lift one's body out of a chair, as such that a helecopter does
Remember to go for a copterspin before that date.
by Paccali November 11, 2002
A peice of feces launched out of the anus, with the objective of hitting someone in the face, or just spashing in the toilet water
Man, I saw this kid walk by, and as a joke, I shot a fecal dart at his forehead. By the way, you have shit near your eyes. You're so gross.
by Paccali November 14, 2002
A purchased video game, that is beatable within the first day, and leads to major disappointment and/or masturbation.
Don't get that new bond game, it's a three hour game.
by Paccali November 14, 2002
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