To impede your own progress or someone else's progress. The ability to cooch is a natural trait that exists at least a little bit in all people and a lot in many people (i.e. the students of LMCOOCH). A cooch crime should usually not be committed unless one has special permission from Sconka. To cooch is to be human; to not cooch, divine.
Friend 1: Remember when Tony and Bryan cooched for us during spring break?
Friend 2: Yea, that wasn't cool.
by A. Cooch April 12, 2010
the definition of Luis Marroqueef and gay people.
alright your a cooch

and you are too

no your the ultimate cooch

your an ultra super dooper cooch!

well your a hyper mega wide cooch

Enrique: your teresa's cooch



your a complete cooch

a super cooch

cooch is the total definition of you

and your just a straight up cooch. end of story
by The cooch January 30, 2010
i) A modern synonym for the verb to cotch (relax).
ii) To cotch (i.e. relax) in the company of women.
Mate, I'm too tired to do any work, let's just cooch it.
by J O S H May 23, 2007
To fail. Unsuccessful.
Yo Alex stop Coochin'.
He Cooched that class.
by Ganjaguy May 02, 2008
The act of hanging around, chillin, relaxing, (chil-axin) etc.
We cooched in the park for a bit init.
by Jef. September 26, 2006

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