The self-described nickname for failed 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial candidate and GOP nominee, Ken Cuccinelli. Ironically, it is also the nickname of the part of the female anatomy that Cuccinelli's party desires to regulate and limit women's freedom of.
Despite a massive amount of spending, in the end, voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia just couldn't swallow the Cooch.
by Cashman73 November 06, 2013
toe fungus -- Derogatory term derived from 2013 Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinell
God, that smells like cooch! Get it treated!!
by Flatus Ohlfahrt November 10, 2013
the vulva, the female genitals
One look at her infected cooch and the whole situation went up in flames.
by The Return of Light Joker July 02, 2009
Derived from the slang term for vagina, coochie scorcher, cooching is and endearing term used to describe cunalingous performed by a woman.
Will you cooch me baby? My girlfriend cooched me last night? Don't go in there, their cooching.
by AmmyGoolsberd February 18, 2014
the female sex organ
"my cousin has never been laid...he wants your cooch!
by 11072009 November 24, 2009
A person or people (cooches) who bail on plans that have already been made, to go do something else, with someone else.
1. Dude quit being a cooch and come to the movies!
2. I can't believe these cooches didn't show up tonight!
3. Did you hear he cooched out on us last night?
4. She's cooching on our plans right now!
5. These coochers better make it!
by coochmasta November 28, 2011
A badass nickname for an even more badass hockey player.
International superstar who looks nothing like a rat Logan Couture goes by the nickname "Cooch."
by JHamm's Butt June 18, 2013
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