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Socks with laces. It's a good thing.
Converse All Stars are socks with laces, think about it.
by Ryan Kipp April 15, 2007
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There was a time where if you wore converse you were really alternative, now however, the chavs of the world have discovered them and walk about thinking they are cool in their pink pair. Then you get the wannabes, they dont know who they 'wannabe' but they sure as hell are trying to be them, thinking they are the first ones to wear them, then buy a pair in every colour. Rock on!
Go on, buy a pink sparkly pair, you know you want to!
by grape_vine May 08, 2005
Chuck Taylor All-Stars, also referred to as "Chucks,"1 are canvas and rubber shoes produced by Converse. They were first produced in 1917 as the "All-Star," Converse's attempt to capture the basketball shoe market. They were not particularly popular until basketball player Chuck Taylor adopted them as his preferred shoe. He was so impressed with the design that he became the shoe's leading salesman. After proposing a few changes to the shoe, the shoe got its current name and Chuck Taylor's signature on its ankle patch.allso known as the og shoe and the emo boot

Consumers demanded more variety from the shoe - particularly with respect to colors in order to match basketball teams - so colored and patterned shoelaces became popular to complement the two colors, black and white, available before 1966. Afterwards, more colors and styles became available. Low-top or "Oxford", high-top, and later knee-high, versions were produced. More materials were offered for the construction, including leather, suede, vinyl, denim, and hemp. Some versions of the shoe were offered without laces, held up instead by elasticWhen Converse was bought by Nike and operations were moved from the United States to overseas, the design saw a few alterations. The fabric is no longer 2-ply cotton canvas but 1-ply "textile" and many wearers have noticed different patterns of wear.
dude i like ur shoes
dude so do i
theys so emo
no they gagstaconverse all stars
by aidan 1111111111111111111 May 21, 2008
believe it or not, they are the best shoose sneeckers or whatever you call them (footware) ever!!!!
no dobts
dude 1:hay dude cool converses!
dude 2:thaks.
by none85 April 24, 2005
The Has-Beens of shoes. They were cool when only a few people had them. It gave them the alternative look but know gives them the "I own what everyone else does" look. They come in many different colours so more people buy them which just adds to making them less alternative. hen you have the cheap look-a-likes that just make you want to cry. Seriously. Thats how sad they are. Naturally they will be a legend to fashion and rock and roll but are a thing of the past and will only ever be cool again when posers stop wearing them and its back to the true alternative bunch.
Alternative rocker: I've had these Converse All Stars for years but know all the posers are wearing them.
Poser: I love my new fake Converses!!! Their pink and have sequins and I look like that girl from that video for that song that goes... well I don't nkow how it goes but I'm cool!
by Mrs. Eleanor Rigby April 15, 2007
Horribly ugly shoes worn by everyone who thinks they're even slightly alternative. They come in a variety of colours, unfortunately all look like shoes a clown would wear. They're ugly, overpriced shoes.
"Wow look at my new converse all stars!!!! They don't go with any of my clothes because they come in stupid colours!!"
by -blah-blah- October 28, 2005

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