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5 definitions by grape_vine

There was a time where if you wore converse you were really alternative, now however, the chavs of the world have discovered them and walk about thinking they are cool in their pink pair. Then you get the wannabes, they dont know who they 'wannabe' but they sure as hell are trying to be them, thinking they are the first ones to wear them, then buy a pair in every colour. Rock on!
Go on, buy a pink sparkly pair, you know you want to!
by grape_vine May 08, 2005
An ambulance service which is run by volunteers of all ages providing first aid and medical treatment to members of the public throughout the world.

Its not just about putting plasters on cuts, members attend numerous training courses such as FAW (First Aid at Work) and AED (Automated External Defribulator) and have helped to save thousands of people lives and work in a close partnership with the local ambulance services.

Without St John Ambulance no events such as the London Marathon, Triathlon and football matches would be able to go ahead.

Often wrongly shortened to "St John's Ambulance"

Like the police and the army, there are different ranks within the organisation; cadet leader, corporal, sergent etc. Also, members quite often are nurses and doctors with years of medical experience.

Badgers are the members from 5-10, cadets from 11-18 and adults from 18 years.

Being a member is fantastic, its really worthwhile and fun to be a part of something so intricately organised, some people dont realise how much work goes into each duty and how long people spend helping others, but its all worthwhile and a great organisation to be a part of.
St John Ambulance is a worldwide organisation that helps thousands of people each year.

"Wow, St John Ambulance rocks!"
by grape_vine February 27, 2005
A two series comedy written by Peter Kay, Neil Fitzmaurice and Dave Spikey about a social club owner and the happenings in his club and the staff and the rivalry between the owner, Brian Potter and Den Perry, an owner of a nearby club.

Absolutely fantastic and very funny indeed, there are some fantastic catch phrases to some out of that show!

Since the show finished there has been a spin off series, also shown on channel 4, following the two doormen, Max and Paddy.

Peter Kay shows he can play numerous characters successfully, many people dont realise he also plays Max.
"Im going to watch Phoenix Nights, its great!"

"garlic bread?!"
by grape_vine February 27, 2005
never met anyone else who goes to guilfest but class bands like stranglers, james and the levellers have performed there, oh and the darkness before they got famous and arrogant :)
guilfest rocks, woo!
by grape_vine February 24, 2005
A blue wrist band which is worn to show you are against bullying and show your support to those who are/have been bullied.

Were available for free from the onelife website bbc.co.uk/radio1/onelife

Its about standing up for what you believe in, not worn to be a fashion accessory

I think it is sad that our school banded all forms or wristbands regardless of the charity or reason they were worn, how more appropriate could a bullying band be than in a school where so many kids have to suffer bullying everyday?
I wear my blue beat bullying band with pride :)
by grape_vine February 27, 2005