Simple-but-effective shoes based on the design manufactured by Converse in around 1915 and promoted and worn by Basketball player Chuck Taylor.

They're now iconic shoes which can be worn in a casual and smart-casual settings; the classic converse is a high top shoe made of canvas with a rubber base and toe pad; along with many lace holes meaning they can be made unisex due to their flexibility. They also come in low-top with or without a converse logo(the logo on low-tops is different as the ankle-logo cannot fit on the shoe).

Despite many variations in colour and design; they are always identifiable by their simple canvas/rubber design. And they're awesome.
Hey dude your new converse look good." "Thanks, man
by OF.from.England June 01, 2011
A proper obscure make of shoe that hardly no one wears now. Ha! Yeah right, their more common that Blackberrys and red hair.
"I love converse... And N-Dubz"
by Toriii984 April 14, 2011
Converse has been around for a long time. It's a sneaker that used to be worn by people who actually have a unique sense of style, but now they are too...popular. They come in hightops in lowtops, but everyone seems to wear the lowtops, and the hightops are becoming harder to find now.
For three years I used to wear pink Converse hightops, and I was the only one who wore them in school, but as soon as I stopped wearing them, Converse actually became popular. So, now I don't really wear Converse as much.
by Shoegirl08 March 28, 2009
the most awesome shoes in the world. best colore: black and white. Also worn by emos or scenes.
she is wearing converse.
by angelzblood13 November 11, 2009
Once a basketball shoe that was affectionately adopted by the punk rock scene but is now becoming a worldwide prep phenomenon... but each to their own.
Every girl in my class has a pair of white, low cut converse.
by Nicky Sandman April 03, 2015
A small town outside of San Antonio. Also know as the asshole of Texas.
"Wanna stop by my old high school? It's in converse."
"Oh, no. That place is a dump."
by troller49 November 29, 2011
The best shoes ever thought of! Can be worn practically whenever. Some people consider them formal wear. They were all the craze YEARS ago but now they've made a comeback are extremely popular.
"Did you see those shoes?"
"Yeah. They're Chucks."
"In other terms, Converse. Everyone wears them- where's your pair?"
by That.Girl.There February 09, 2010

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