A shoe that is incredible. They are adorable and i dont think they will ever really go out of style. There are a lot of colors and designs for them.
You should see my converse. They are doubled. The outside is lime green while the inter flap is a skull design. The tongue is purple and they have black and white shoe laces.
by L01@ July 26, 2009
Shoes that were used to express individuality and difference...the coolest pair of shoes.... but now the style has been invaded by the preps!!!!
Prep- oh my gosh i love those she's i have to get a pair
Punk- PREP!!!
by sammykins July 23, 2005
Shoes that have become overly-trendy. Now from these shoes being cool many preps have started to wear them. I bought all black Converse thinking they were cool then I go to school and see every other prep wearing the same thing (but in a different color).
Me: I'm totally bummed that I bought these Converse...
Friend: Why, they look awesome?
Me: Well the preps think they look awesome too.
Both: *look over and see's the preps goggling over Oliva's new Converse
Friend: Yeah, I see it. Shit I got a pair too.
Me: Let's go get some Docs
Friend: Yeah, after school let' go
by A Person1234455679653 August 28, 2011
–verb (used without object)

1. to talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions, etc., by talking.

2. Archaic. to maintain a familiar association (usually fol. by with).

3. Obsolete. to have sexual intercourse (usually fol. by with).

–noun 4. familiar discourse or talk; conversation.
It is difficult to converse with people who do not speak your language.
by Intelligent One!!!!!!!!! May 19, 2009
Converse are recognized worldwide as one of the most popular brand of shoes available. Chuck Taylors (or simply chucks) have been popularized by kids and teens for decades and will continue to remain that way for a long time.
I'd rather wear a pair of converse rather than the newest Nike!
by Elliot,S January 07, 2012
the best kind of shoes ever. you can customize them to your hearts desire. they come in a range of colors and patterns. not to long ago they were strictly worn by rockers, grunge, emo, ect.... people, but now-a-days everyone wears them. other shoe companies got jealous and decided to make a cheep ugly rip off -_-. recently the price on the SKYROCKETED! i used to get a plain, good quality pair for $16 but now i got a little fancier pair for $70! HOLY SHIT MAN! yah wanna know why? FLIPPIN NIKE! they were jealous too so they bought 'em out. anyways converse came out in 1908 and were the first b-ball shoe. (made by chuck taylor)
2000: *me in shoe city* hey mommy can i get a pair of converse? they are the bestest. ($16)
2009: HOLY CRAP MOM! $70?!!!! WTH? what has the world come to? *cries*
by yurmommy November 11, 2009
Shoes that were cool for anyone to wear. But it seems that Converse have just became another fad that people will forget about by next summer. Now you see alot less cool people wear converse and alot more faggy emo kidds. I doubt Snoop Dogg would allow this!!!
Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, And Eazy E used to be the ones rockin converse but now just emo kidds.
by Timmy Spurgeon September 21, 2007
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