2 definitions by Paco456

the most awesomest shoes ever invented. They will be worn for thousands of years. They will survive the test of time, far better tan those of vans (shitty shoes). Only nerds wear vans and only cool poeple wear converse.
Look at all those cool kids walking down the street! They are all wearing Converse. Look at all those dorks in McDonalds wearing Vans! FAGS!
by Paco456 March 23, 2006
The stupidest brand of shoe ever invented! Only people that have no sense of fashion wear these. They are also Timko lovers! They are usually men who like big cocks!
The kid in the front row of math class staring at Timko and with retarted slip on Vans!
by Paco456 March 23, 2006

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