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Home of the best porn in the world.
No porn beats Russian porn. Russia porn is the shit!
#girls #porn #soviet #commie #sex #siberia #cold
by kyster23 May 19, 2011
One of the best websites where you find videos on anything you fucking please, with an exception of porn. If you want to go to porn, you have to go to youporn, where all the porn that gets deleted on youtube goes to. Back then, youtube used to be a place where you can find more stupid videos that are most likely seen on Americas Funniest Home Videos, but now the videos are polished and they are a lot similar to regular TV. You have shows that are on youtube that are better than the ones that are on TV.
YouTube is better than TV.
#internet #video #television #pornography #entertainment #tv
by kyster23 April 17, 2011
An old show that used to be on the Disney Channel about 10 years ago or something like that. Involves a bunch of robots living together in a nice peaceful family. Includes a mom, dad, brother, sister, dog, and a grandpa that teeth falls out. All the appliances are alive like Toy Story. Pretty awesome show for young children from the ages of 5-8 or whatever, and thumps the values of the next generation of children.
Rolie Polie Olie awesome kids show
#robots #zoey #spot #uncle gizmo #pappy #disney #cartoon
by kyster23 April 06, 2011
Usually a low paying, entry level job that requires little or no job experience or even education at all. These jobs are usually jobs that are done by teenagers, college students or the elderly, along with laid off workers to get enough income to buy a pair of jeans and live off a diet of pizza. For some reason, it always involves working with pizza in some shape or form, either making pizza, selling pizza, delivering pizzas, stocking pizzas on a shelves.
Example of pizza jobs - McDonalds, grocery store, gas station, pizza delivery
#mcdonalds #pizza #low income #college #starter #minimum wage #mcjob
by kyster23 April 17, 2011
Some boring ass channel that overplays shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, yada yada yada that has a bunch of bitchy and whiny teenagers on there. It used to be good when they shown music videos and it wasn't bad when they shown shows such as High School Stories and Made, etc. If you want the true MTV, go watch Vevo on youtube.
MTV is not the way it used to be
#jersey shore #teen mom #spring break #fake #slut #emo #whiny teenager
by Kyster23 March 30, 2011
There are about 2 types of teenagers:

1. Your clean cut "nice" teenagers. These teenagers act more like young ladies and gentlemen, have a job, are involved in some sport or hobby, get good grades, love MTV, read Seventeen magazine like it is the Bible, and their whole life is centered around that prom and getting their drivers license. They like to listen to the latest pop hits and idolize teen idols. These are the ones that are probably going to end up like successful adults.

2. Your rebellious "misunderstood" teenagers. These are the ones that are hitting the parties, having sex, being involves with drugs, drinking, pot, gangs, start a band, spend some time in juvvi, and the media makes a big deal out of them. They may appear hopeless, but they have experience the "real world" faster than the ones that are the "goody goody" prom going teenagers, which their lives center around high school and the mall. Many of them change to be successful adults as well.
Teenagers are different in many ways, but they all grow up eventually.
#teen #young adult #prom #college #drugs #sex #parties #misunderstood #rock music
by kyster23 May 13, 2011
The official college frat boy food - after ramen noodles and Eazy Mac
College student: I'm hungry - lets grab a Dominos pizza
#college #cheap #tasty #frat boy #tv #portable #super bowl #yummy
by kyster23 April 17, 2011
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