Conservative has many meanings.

* It can be used to show traditional, patriotic, and fiscally responsible characteristics of a political doctrine. (1)

* It can be used to describe an attitude toward protecting the environment and beings in existence. (2)

* It can be used to express a small or limited amount of something; whether it be physical properties, actions, or effects. (3)

* It can be used by left-wing extremist, communist, socialist, Nazis, or as a disparaging remark toward other liberals that are not quite as extreme as they are. (4)
(1) America needs conservative values.

(2) Changes to the environment should be conservative.

(3) Their reaction was conservative.

(4) What do you mean you don't like to take it up the rear; are you a conservative or something?
by BettyBopperBoneHopper January 05, 2015
A person or political party so afraid of the world changing they feel the need to force every living being on the planet to reject anything new.
Person 1: I prefer the Conservative party.
Person 2: Give me one good reason why rejecting novel ideas is a good thing.
Person 1: Well, gay marriage should be illegal, same goes for freedom of speech on the internet.
Person 2: That right there is a Neophobe.
by ThatObjectivePerson December 08, 2014
Someone who falls on the "right" end of the political spectrum.

In the United States in particular, a person who cherishes the religious freedom said nation is founded upon, is hated for thinking differently from people who profess "open-mindedness" to the point of being dismissed from employment and educational institutions, and who aren't afraid to work for their own living nor to actually defend their freedoms.

One who opposes the erosion of society from psychologically destructive substances and relationship-destroying sexual promiscuity.

One who opposes freeloaders and election-rigging.
Rachel: Mike is always on time, he always gets the job done, and he hasn't called me at 3 in the morning to pick him up from a bar or bail him out of jail! How can I make the rest of my employees like that?

Steven: Well, if they were conservative like him, they would be.
by Notmy Realname November 18, 2012
A conservative is someone who adheres to principles of personal responsibility, moral values, and limited government, agreeing with George Washington's Farewell Address that "religion and morality are indispensable supports" to political prosperity.12
Former President Ronald Reagan said, "The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom."3
A conservative view as in politics, or being a true patriot of the Great Country of America. Your values and world view,
by progressivecrusher September 29, 2011
someone who likes to say "I'm not a racist, but...(insert racially insensitive comment)"
"I'm conservative but not a racist, but black people..."
by Monkk May 20, 2007
Those who believe in doing whats right and having a strong moral base. Those who believe in hard work and not being given everything by the government. The individual is the most important things to conservatives. They believe that the government isnt the answer to the problem but that government is the problem.
Liberal: The government should pay for my health care and we should tax everything.
Conservative: Stop buying weed you freaking hippy and maybe you can pay your medical bill. And give my money back so I can actually do something good with it instead of giving it to freaking drug addicts.
by reham10 July 14, 2005
Someone who believes in the principles of limited government, sound classical economic policy, and/or federalism. See founding fathers. Except Jefferson. Screw Jefferson. DO NOT SEE Neoconservative, i.e. who believes in the principles of a socially active federal government that avoids any discussion of economic theory.
I may be a conservative, but don't hold it against me, its only because I have read an economic textbook before.

Jefferson sucks.

Liberal: Don't elect him, he's a social facist!
Conservative: That may be true, but what does that have to do with me being a politician?
by REAGAN LIVES October 27, 2008
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