a very large but wrinkled and unattractive dick. usually as a result of too much jacking off
his cock is huge, too bad its a conk! haha
by mister smiles March 03, 2009
a word the 2 coolest people use but only they know the meaning but they dont know what the exact meaning is they can only use it to think what they think the meaning is.
'you're a conk'
'only conky people can do that'
by Malty Tizzy April 02, 2008
a very large nose with big port holes
that barry manilow sings through his big conk!
by duck January 23, 2004
A poo. You take a conk on the donker. The process of taking a conk is known as donking.
I need to take a conk.
by Mistleweather Handyshroom November 21, 2007
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