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A cool private, etc.. in the military willing to hook you up with grenades and guns.
Dude, Major Tillery smoked out with us the other night, and we blasted some AK-47 rounds into the Colonel's jeep!
by badmofo February 02, 2005
Proper noun referring to any person of Hawaiian, Chinese, Hispanic, and African descent.
Dang, Jamal Martinez-Ching Chang-Hukalakamookafaka is such a Hawachispigger.
by Badmofo November 13, 2013
A food that will definitely cause weight gain.
Derived from a comedy routine in Oklahoma City by a couple of DJ's poking fun at Elvis Presley.
After singing Blue Suede Shoes, Elvis left the building to get a peanut butter and nana sandwich.
by BadMoFo June 21, 2004
To defecate. Take a shit.
Man, find a toilet...I have to take a conk.
by BadMoFo June 13, 2004
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