being suprememly confuzed. greatly confused confuzed + puzzled becomes confuzzled
That woman just confuzzled me
by Lee June 22, 2004
Confused or bewildered as hell.......
1: I'm so confuzzled by the fact that she turned down a picture with 1D because her hair was frizzy.
2: Why are you so confuzzling?
3: Math class confuzzles me.
by DemonicAngel April 09, 2014
Being extremely confused and unable to think clearly
"After studying for 5 hours straight Jim was confuzzled on how he only got a 75 on his test"
by Sullimander March 30, 2014
puzzled & confused. used when you don't understand something.
the detective was very confuzzled when the footprints disappeared.
by craftmine January 01, 2014
An awesome way of saying "confused", but instead of saying confused you add some z's and…then you confuzzle everyone one by saying "confuzzled" a lot…so yeah.
*This is by text*
Bob-still @ the fair this is taking forever
Carl- ur at the fair? I thought u were in LA!!!
Bob-Wow ur obvi confuzzled right now
by theamazingpotato13 December 09, 2013
A cute or funny way of saying confused. Usually used in texting or casual conversation.
She was trying to make a joke out of her confusion by saying "I'm confuzzled" and giggling.
by Kat Alexandria November 27, 2013
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