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An awesome way of saying "confused", but instead of saying confused you add some z's and…then you confuzzle everyone one by saying "confuzzled" a lot…so yeah.
*This is by text*
Bob-still @ the fair this is taking forever
Carl- ur at the fair? I thought u were in LA!!!
Bob-Wow ur obvi confuzzled right now
by theamazingpotato13 December 09, 2013
A cute or funny way of saying confused. Usually used in texting or casual conversation.
She was trying to make a joke out of her confusion by saying "I'm confuzzled" and giggling.
by Kat Alexandria November 27, 2013
Adj. Confused and puzzled.
My boyfriend said he likes Justin Bieber. I'm confuzzled.
by ayoo that gurl March 25, 2013
A state of confusion in an instant moment of time.
I walked into the room and became confuzzled at what I seen
by McCool is Cool December 19, 2010
confused and puzzled
i'm so confuzzled by this math.
by boomsheka2 April 16, 2009
the state of being confused and puzzled at the same time;

oh man i'm so confuzzled...
by DKiss March 10, 2009
To comepletely and uterly know zip about what is happening, in which making the victim succeptable to torment afterward.
H:I love animals. I'd like to be a Panther.
Z:Tell me a story about one!
H: OK? Umm, A Panther was walking in the forest.
Z:How old is it?
H:uh young
Z:Oh, is it night or day?
Z: whats it doing?
Z: Why?
H: because it wants to.
Z: Oh. How bout now?
H:It's running.
Z:After what?
H:A rabbit. It just caught it and has it in it's mouth.
Z: You're the panther right?
H: Sure yeah. So i Bit down on the Rabbit-
Z:You bit down on a rabbit!?
H: yeah, wait no!
Z:Thats horrible!
H: Thats not fair, now i'm confuzzled!
by Xildra February 18, 2009