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confused + puzzled + -lated?

confuzzled with a '-lated' added on the end for fun.
i was so confuzzlated in math class cuz all the numbers on the board don't mean jackshit.
by superflychick May 31, 2006
3 1
Nt understanding what someone is talking about as they rant on about something you have no clue about.
Boy: Oh my gosh did you see the Mets pwn up the Cubs last night, and with that Homer offZambrano?

Girl: wait what? I'm confuzzlated!
by GabbersxxxD August 05, 2007
1 0
1.) a combination of confused, puzzled, and frustrated
2.) being confused out of your fucking mind
People make me so freaking confuzzlated!
by UnaChicaLoca December 14, 2010
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