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when you are even more then confused your confuzled
triginomitry times pie is so cunfuziling i am now confuzled
by patman=awesomness799 June 10, 2010
To be lost and confused. Dont know what is going on. Being a BLONDE!
Justin told Jenny he cheated on her with her best friend. Not knowing what was going on, means she was confuzled.
by Ash and Agnes March 04, 2003
A point of confusion when a person is literally confused about everything in the situation.
Man, that test in science had me confuzled on every question!
by FreeParking314 June 19, 2010
A word commonly used instead of "confused" because it's more fun to say. XP
OMG! That one chapter had me totally confuzled! It was uber confusing!
by KairiWairi February 20, 2010
A state of confusion usually created by a lack of sleep or through a confusing conversation.
"So then Janey told Mike about what I said and Jane was mad at Lexi so then Mike for-"
"Stop, I'm confuzled."
by Confuzler November 13, 2009
very confused or rambling about something you have no clue about.
teacher "x is 12-17 * 968 squared * 84 cubed. what is x?"

student "you just confuzled me."
by Cat Kitten November 07, 2009
to be confused
your making me confuzled
by just that derf January 04, 2014