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A girl who knows he's your man but fucks him anyways.

that stupid hoe bag slept with my Husband/Boyfriend.
by Kathy R February 02, 2008
A slang term for cops.
oh crap the piggys are coming get the weed and run.
by Kathy R February 02, 2008
A funnier and therefor cooler way of saying your confused.
This definition is so confuzling.
by Kathy R February 01, 2008
to have murderized so much that it now seems boring and you don't want to do it anymore.
don't worry he murderized a few people he's gotta be 'murdered out' by now.
by Kathy R February 06, 2008
having killed someone.
first guy: oh my god you know that guy that was at the party hitting on all the girls?
Second guy: ya, that bastage was hitting on my girlfriend, what about him?
First guy: I so murderized him!
by Kathy R February 05, 2008
Short for Role-Playing can also be alot like cybering.
I told that guy I wouldn't cyber so he tryed tricking me by calling it RPing.
by Kathy R February 05, 2008

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