A person who is bringing the party/gathering/social situation down with them. A wet blanket. A person who is killing the mood and good feeling of the experience.
Jack: Hey babe... Let's get the hell out of here.

Jane: Why?

Jack: Wayne is being a total condom. This party is a waste.
by Averant December 28, 2010
a barrier between men and their goal
by ooooooooooosnap November 25, 2010
1.As defined by oxford dictionary:-
a thin rubber sheath worn on the penis during sexual intercourse

as a contraceptive or to protect against infection.

2.Something that every adult , who lives in constant hope of sexual intercourse , keeps in his wallet.

3.Something that is worn on penis for preventing the semen to get into the vagina.
1. Oh ! baby I have a mango flavored condom come suck it.

2. Boy: Should I fuck you?

Girl : You have a condom?

Boy: Yes vanilla flavored.

Girl : Then why are you even asking. Fuck me ...................

3. Hindi joke
******* (kaun(a hindi word) in english means 'who' pronounced as CON)*******

Santa is a very religous , practising abstinence from sex and never uses abusive words. Banta decided to get the word condom out of his mouth.

One day Banta asked Santa to say condom but Santa refused incessantly.
The next day Banta asked Santa "Do you know where is 'DOM'. Santa instanteneously said "Kaun dom" ....................tell me Santa "Kaun dom"(who is this DOM).................................................................................
by godsman June 03, 2010
a hybrid insult it is a person who is 50% douchebag and 50% asshole
Valerie- Kevin totally trashed the party & then after all that, asked 4 my cell #. Raquel- o.m.g Valerie he's just a raging condom.
by raquelin May 08, 2010
A rain jacket for your penis.
"Dad, what's a condom?"
"Honey, it's a rain jacket for your penis."
"Dad?!?! WHA T THE HELL??!!!!"
by SKKW1313 June 10, 2015
Something we need in order to not become pregnant
Boy-Baby how are you pregnant oh wait it's because we didn't use a condoms

Girl- because we didn't use a condom
by Xmsbrightsidex December 25, 2014
Ending world hunger one load at a time.
I knew I should have bought those condoms! Damn kids are hungry again.
by free_writer15 December 25, 2013
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