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Something you stretch over you're dick so you don't get your girlfriend preggerz.
Pregger girl: thanks a lot for using a "Condom"
Guy:ur welcome fatty
by Lu Lu Karie January 14, 2012
Something you forgot to wear last night when you were doing your girlfriend.
You: Oops, I forgot to wear a condom. Oh well, who gives a shit?
by Misogyny April 23, 2011
A piece of latex that is put on man's penis to prevent a child and women who will steal your money for 18 years.
*people on mary*

woman: "he is yo child1 I am 5000% sure!
man: "he ain't mine, I was wearing a condom!"
woman: "you owe me some child support you deadbeat!"
mary: "in the case of the little baby, sir, you are not the father."
woman: *runs of stage crying*
by urbandictionarydefz March 28, 2011
a rubber cover used for protection in a sexual interaction.
a rubber cover used to cover the penis in sex
somthing my brothe likes to blow up like a balloon and tie them togethere
to look like balls!!!!and another one for the penis
a."don't forget to put ur condom on jonny".
b.don't be such condom"
by mandi June 17, 2004
a container to slide your beer bottle into to avoid getting cold hands. (used in South East Asia)
Look at the pussy with the condom!
by T-o-m-i September 21, 2006
Anything that sorrounds the penis during any kind of sex, ussually used to keep semen out of the vagina. Comes rolled up and you gotta unroll it over your dick you moron.
makes sex less fun. makes sex less often (when you dont have it).
Condoms are for pussies!!

-Ima fuck you up!
-well you better use a condom so i dont get pregnant
by Urban Dictionary May 16, 2005
a device used by a dude so that the chick he's fucking doesn't become pregnant, or STI infected.
Girl #1: What'd your mom say about you have sex with your boy last night?
Girl #2: She said. "Alright, make him use a condom."
by yourneighborlyrapist November 26, 2008