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1) A total lack of all but a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, and programming.
2) Inexperience or ineptness with or misunderstanding of something computer-related.
3) How one feels (about one's self -or- about what they are working on) when a computer program, application, or device gets the better of them.

1) My mother calls me everytime I e-mail her instead of e-mailing back. She must be computarded.
2) Can you help me paste my roommate’s head on this Rainbow Brite body? Thanks, man - I am totally computarded when it comes to Photoshop.
3) How did I get these page and section breaks so messed up?!? This is so computarded!
by JRGreen May 22, 2008
A person who who's knowledge of computers is so poor that they genuinely could not perform any of the following operations, or does not understand the following terms:

- Find an already installed Program if it's not on the desktop screen.
- Print a Word Doc
- Copy and Paste some text.
- Doesn't know what Cap Locks are....

- Actually looks for the 'Any Key.'
Usage: Donal is compu-tarded.
by Eamon Pendergast November 15, 2007
A Person who doesn't understand how to properly use or maintain a computer.
He Doesn't know what the difference between MAC and WINDOWS, is; He must be computarded.
by R3BEL_1 January 22, 2012
having an utter lack of basic/essential computer/computer related knowledge
She was so computarded, she didn't know what ethernet was!
by Omar Churchill April 25, 2011
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