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An introductory greeting with romantic implications.

COMF = Cum On My Face
Some dude: "Shaun, this is my friend Davio. Davio, this is Shaun."
Davio: "Hi."
Shaun: "COMF?"
by SelfControl November 13, 2004
One who claims to be "into" politics because they're seen a few documentary movies. Existing on either side of the political compass and usually found on on-line forums.

by SelfControl November 13, 2004
One who is unable to use a computer, or more commonly one who is rubbish at the internet. Portmanteau of computer and retard.
quoteSPOILER ALERT: color;whiteat the end, he turns out to be his father/coler]/quote

You computard.
by SelfControl November 13, 2004
Cool. Cool -> Kewl -> Kewl-Aid

kewlade just looks better on the screen, easier to type etc. generally denotes a lazy response to some long-winded explanation of how life is wonderful when all you've done all day is sit around scratching yourself.

From the American potable drink product Kool-Aid.

NOTE: rarely spoken.
: just spent ages gluing bottletops onto a piece of shiny paper to make a pretty picture for my friend!!!!!

: kewlade. I've done fuck all all day.
by SelfControl November 13, 2004
needlessly exaggerated public displays of affection. usually a sign that your partner knows your mates hate him/her, but is trying to make it look like they don't care.
Examples include eskimo/gnome kisses and the use of petnames for one another.
by SelfControl November 13, 2004

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