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2 definitions by JRGreen

1) A total lack of all but a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, and programming.
2) Inexperience or ineptness with or misunderstanding of something computer-related.
3) How one feels (about one's self -or- about what they are working on) when a computer program, application, or device gets the better of them.

1) My mother calls me everytime I e-mail her instead of e-mailing back. She must be computarded.
2) Can you help me paste my roommate’s head on this Rainbow Brite body? Thanks, man - I am totally computarded when it comes to Photoshop.
3) How did I get these page and section breaks so messed up?!? This is so computarded!
by JRGreen May 22, 2008
Contraction for 'fake art' or 'faux art'. Art which is not artful or aesthetic.
Have you seen all the new public f'art?
by JRGreen May 29, 2008