term used in the cocaine trade to describe the weight outcome of the cooking process
Any time I bought 28 grams from him, I would cook it and it would only come back to 25 grams
by Lbs. May 30, 2008
a slang word used to describe good pussy. (the pussy that always stays wet even after fucking for a long time).
Nigga #1: Man, why Eric so sprung man? He don't ever be with his boys no more.

Nigga #2: They said he be caked up with Shanita. They said he said she got that comeback.

Nigga #1: Oh...dat's what's good my niggie. You gotta git in where ya fit in, feel me?
by tacara mara September 12, 2007
The comeback is when you come back with anything your friends say and add your mamma in front of it, plus making it dirty

The pad goes in and up.

I go in your mom and she goes up.
by Storyteller September 07, 2007
a quick and witty retort
I felt like making a snappy comeback, but I knew that it would do no good.
by Light Joker December 24, 2005
A retaliation of whitty naughty words when a person has called you something witty or naughty
Ann: I really want to really tell my boyfriends off with a good Comeback since he's always making those witty woman in the kitchen jokes. Whats a really good Comeback?

John: Then you better Comeback with a sandwhich
by Shoebacca July 10, 2010
When you give a blowjob and puke a little after swallowing-thats a comeback!
I blew my boyfriend and right after I swallowed - I puked a little and it comeback in my mouth!
by Anita and Cassie February 19, 2011
A Comeback is a Insult to The Person Who Just Insulted You!
Guy 1:"Your so Fat You Make Earthquakes Shiver!"
Guy 2:"Ya Well Your Mom!"
Guy 1:"Nice Comeback lol"
Guy 2:"If I Wanted My Cum Back I'd Smack You In The Throat!"
by Sesgulls Of Santa!!! September 06, 2008

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