If you've upset your stomach and you feel really bad, then there might be a comeback of what you ate the hours before.

Guy: Yesterday I was so drunk, but after my comeback, I was alright again.
by Eraser April 13, 2008
While giving a guy a blow job, let him finish in your mouth. After, pretend to spit it out and then kiss him.
I dumped my girl after she gave me the come back last night
by The Carters November 27, 2007
A guy who keeps coming back into your life after he's already been dismissed...several times. He continuously calls and tries to contact you for weeks, months and even several years after the relationships ended. Especially popular term for those guys who never made it to relationship status but keep trying anyway.
I can't rid of Crazy Mike he's the worst one of my come-backs!

Speaker 1: You will never guess who called me last night!!
Speaker 2: Not who I think...is it?
Speaker 1: Yup, that crazy come-back!
Speaker 2: Which one???
Speaker 1: the worst one...PSYCHO MIKE!
by Denise Hernandez July 20, 2005
a response after one has been hoed or dissed


1. "You graveler you!

2. (insert comeback here)
well youre a little (insert comeback here)!
by Bentley Smith May 25, 2004
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