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Colts is a Rugby Union team in Sydney Australia. This is good for gaining an abundance of mates, particularly Islander friends. This wont be ridiculed at all by fellow non colts, who will join in. It is considered highly to represent the locals, and use large amounts of repeated text on MySpace bulletins i.e. maaaaaazzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa at my house lol to communicate expressions. Drinking with local mates on or during Colts is accepted.
sam plays in the manly u18's colts..and he reckons he's sick and he goes round saying "yeha i'll go with my mates from manly colts"..also "yeah if i get into a fight all my islander friends will save me" and so on..verbal diarhoea...
by Mates Aplenty August 05, 2007
29 65
a very attractive man; great personality and usually gets along well with everyone; commonly desired by the opposite sex and has a big dick
a male that you have met with the name of colt
by big dick chainy September 11, 2007
511 206
The colts totally just beat the patriots asses!
by Ellie20 November 17, 2008
260 171
A major manufacturer of weapons for the military of the United States of America. Produces some the finest weapons in the world such as the M16A2/A3/A4, M4A1, 1911A1, etc.. Recently FN Herstal has taken the latest contract for the M16/M4 but Colt has been the official manufacturer of weapons since the late 1800's.

Named after a noble racing horse.
I broke the Arab's head open with my Colt M16A2.
by Alex Hatchock July 05, 2005
165 96
A smooth skinned, good looking, strongly built male who has no flaws. He is always smooth with the ladies and is greatly endowed. This person usually has a love affair with Bret Michaels and is named Benton.
"Look at Benton, he is real sexy, he must be Colt!"
by John kaminski December 17, 2007
102 84
Colt commonly reffers to a Colt-made gun (Such as a m1911a1 .45) or a young horse.
Smoked teh fool with teh Colt .45!
by Comis March 28, 2003
98 81
Make a wrong move, deliberately, to change the outcome of a plan.
1. Who colt de game? It's not a natty dread, it must be bald head.

2. I'm gonna colt dinner if she keeps on about babies.
by Eireann Killa Beez December 09, 2008
35 33
(n.) An excellent tool of persuasion. Best known in python & .45 form.
He didn't want to tell me where she was until he got a better look at the canon hanging from my belt.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
31 35